Monthly Archives: May 2011

Burning Question.

Husband takes toddler on a run to the store, giving me a 45 minute “break”.

Multiple choice question:
Do I
a) sit back with a glass of wine and that clever book I’ve been wanting to read
b) take a nice relaxing bath
c) call a friend I haven’t seen or talked to for too long for an interruption-free chat
d) plant a shrub, clean the bathroom sink, and write a blog post.

I don’t think I have to tell you the answer to that one…

The Shrubbery pt. 1: Burning Bush.

But man, I do love me some shiny porcelain.

Mutant Clover

Ah the country life.

First it was rain, making puddles in the future garden, motivating me to stay inside and unpack after the move.

Then it cleared up and just as I was getting caught up on the laundry (it turns out I really enjoy hanging laundry outside – it’s all peaceful and zen and sh*t), the black flies arrived.
Oh the black flies, the little black flies

Thankfully they don’t last long here, but just as they moved onto their next stage of existence, the rain. The rain came back. And so here we are with the puddles and the grey and the going stir crazy indoors waiting to get out and get the garden established.

So to the clover. We’ve got clover in the “lawn” (hah!), and if there’s one thing this kind of weather does it’s make me look at the little things. So today I bring you clover. Well, just the odd clover. We all know what regular clover looks like, right? Green, three leaves, sometimes with patterns, sometimes plain. Google it if you’re not sure.
Instead I present to you the oddities:

Variegated clover

Nibbled Clover

Albino Clover

Undecided Clover

I know, the Nibbled Clover isn’t really different clover, but I do find it entertaining that all the leaves on one plant will be nibbled around the edges while the one next door is left entirely unmolested.

And in case you were wondering, yes, it is difficult to get good sharp photos in mediocre light with a kicking, 20-something-pound toddler strapped to one’s back.