Monthly Archives: October 2010

Getting started, and the tricky bit.

It seems insane, but we’re doing the 401 Richmond holiday craft show again.
Why insane?
It’s a little over a month away.
I haven’t started making things for it yet.

OK, that’s not entirely true. Last week I bought some fabric, and today I made a prototype (as fugly as all my prototypes, more an exercise in finding the many faults in a preliminary pattern than creating anything useable).
I pulled out the large and small quantities of materials I hope to use to make the stock, and stacked it up in a hopeful kind of way on my desk, like so:

This morning I scribbled out a couple of patterns

which will hopefully be the basis for some fairly easy to make but still funky, useful and attractive purses & pouches.

So I have begun, it just doesn’t quite feel like it yet.

Because before I can really get going, I need to figure out how many of which items I’m going to make out of which materials. This is the tricky bit, because if I do it right we could theoretically have a good show and sell lots, and if I do it wrong it could be an utter failure and I’ll have lots of Christmas presents (of things people didn’t want to buy – how great is that) but no income (or self-esteem, but who’s counting…). So, you know, no pressure or anything.

And it really is the trickiest part for me; I’m OK at making plans out of chaos, but I’m much better at the following part. I feel all wobbly and unsure and doubtful when making the plan, and keep second-guessing myself. Once it’s made I can zip along full steam like nobody’s business, but I’m just not so good with the whole “big picture” thing. I’m more of a details person.

So here’s hoping I’m somehow aware enough of the current trends, and other people’s taste in general to put together a collection that will sell like hot-cakes and leave us with empty bins at the end of the show.

And enough money in my pocket to get people Christmas presents that aren’t just craft show rejects.


Being the end of the growing season, more or less, and having the time to do it, the OH and I took the chance to clean up our community garden plot.

This involved ripping out the pole beans, massacring the out-of-control sage plant and harvesting the rest of the carrots. And here they are!

A few weeks ago I pulled some of the carrots and cooked and smushed them to make little frozen cubes of food for a certain someone who had just started on solids.

So that means things like this for lunch:

which of course results in this sort of thing:

Because eating is FUN, in case you weren’t sure…