Monthly Archives: July 2010

The Harvest Begins

I went down to the garden today, thinking I could harvest a few veggies.
You know. A handful of green beans, a cucumber or two.

This is what I came home with:

The beans are mostly Rattlesnake pole, with pretty purple streaks on the pods.
streaky beans

They have purple flowers and are planted together with Scarlet Runners, which makes for a very pretty tripod. Which you could see if I’d had the foresight to bring my camera with me. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

As you can see, that’s substantially more than a handful. And that’s five cucumbers (counting the curly one), with several slightly smaller ones left on the plants. And some portulaca, and a little baby carrot, and the sage is about 1/5th of the plant.

Ah July.

I think we’ll be eating green beans for a while.

A Walk in the Park

I’ve been doing a lot of this sort of thing:
which unfortunately means not so much of the
cooking (at least not with time to document)

but I do get to spend lots of time with these toes…