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Look what I made!

So, this is why I haven’t been posting lately, and will likely be a little erratic for a bit longer.


So, yeah, just a little preoccupied here …

Battle of the Basket

Many little dramas unfold daily between the two cats here; territorial skirmishes, challenges to authority, perceived affronts to dignity, downright taunting and reprisals therefor.

But few things in this household have the power to raise ruffs as does the Sunny Spot. Sometimes it’s that patch of floor in the upstairs hall, sometimes the footstool in the living room, sometimes the tabletop (grrr). But most frequently, it’s the Basket. The Basket in the south window, the Basket with the shearling lining, the Basket with the view of the birds in the bushes and the squirrels on the wires, the Basket that’s just the right size for a kitty to curl up in or even sprawl just a little with a chin resting on the edge.

The following is the pictorial evidence of one epic Battle for the Basket. In which the battle is won, and lost again. Or lost and regained, depending on your perspective/degree of fluffiness. The entire battle featuring not a paw raised, nor hiss uttered. Illustration of the sheer power of intimidation.

Battle of the Basket

Yup, there’s just nothing like a good spot in the sun.