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Successful Spontaneous Sunday Morning Muffins

This morning, being somewhat unwillingly awake and not desiring the usual breakfast fare, I decided to make muffins.

First I thought I wanted waffles (thinking of some lovely ones I made for the freezer last weekend), then I thought maybe pancakes, but since we’re out of maple syrup the muffins won out.

Now, a basic muffin recipe is something I don’t actually have in my recipe box, so each time I want to make them I find myself rifling through my cookbooks for a simple recipe to adapt to the ingredients currently residing in my cupboard/fridge, or asking the internet in the hopes of stumbling on a suitable one.

This morning I improvised. I thought to myself “banana bread is pretty much like muffins, and I have a banana bread recipe that I love, so I’ll use that.”

This is that recipe:
Banana Bread with Options

I made the following changes:
-substituted about 1 cup of applesauce for the bananas (delicious applesauce my mom made of apples from one of her trees)
-somewhat less sugar (I didn’t actually measure, but I think I used about 1/2 cup)
-added about 1/2 t of baking powder, just because it seemed like the right thing to do (applesauce can sometimes make baked goods a little heavy)
-tossed in about 1/3 or 1/2 cup of chopped dried cherries(leftover from Pie Day) instead of the other options because, well, wouldn’t you?
-reduced the flour (for which I use spelt) by about 1/4 cup and threw in about 1/2 cup of rolled oats, with the intent of keeping a nice grainy chewiness which I like in muffins and can sometimes be reduced by things like applesauce
-at the last minute stuck a banana slice in the top of each one, just because there was half a banana sitting on the counter and I couldn’t resist (it would have been for the irony, but I’m just not that hip)
-baked for 20 minutes as muffins instead of 1 hour as a loaf

And the results?
Muffin Solo
The texture, sweetness and flavours all just came together in that lucky way that sometimes happens when you really need a good moment to perk up an otherwise lackluster day. The cherries contributed perfect little nuggets of sweet & sour, and the sugars in the applesauce gave an ever-so-slight glaze to the outside, just right for enjoying with a cup of coffee (or in my case a bitter brown roasted barley beverage that is reminiscent of but in no way equal to coffee).
Muffins with Coffee

They were so good I had to blog about them. Yup, made my day.

On Urges and their Fulfillment.

Had an urge.
An urge to make a sweater.
A little wrap sweater.
For wrapping a little baby.
Found a sweater pattern.
Dug some appropriate yarn from the stash (while silently thanking the deity of abandoned holiday gifts).
Looked on Ravelry for caveats regarding pattern and likely-looking mods.
Knit sweater.
Weaved in a whole bunch of ends (grumbling only slightly).
Blocked sweater.
Baby Wrap Sweater
Added ducky and teddy bear buttons (which I may later regret/replace due to fiddly-ness of fastening).
Baby Wrap Sweater
Was nearly overwhelmed by cute.
Had urge to just sit and cuddle sweater for a while.
Resisted that one.

Oh, also had urge for Life Savers, which the OH kindly procured (not as simple a feat as one might think, I guess they’re not that popular anymore).
Consumed entire roll while writing blog post.

Square is the New Round

This would have been done sooner had I not broken my needle knitting it… I guess that’s why it’s important to use an appropriate circular needle length and not try to make a whole Baby Afghan in the round with a hat-length needle.

I used some of the leftover Cascade Ecological Wool from making Mary & Tim’s Wedding Afghan, this time held single and worked in a Quaker Rib pattern.

Baby Afghan Quaker Rib Eco Wool

Of course, having to go get a new needle also gave me the chance to burrow about in the yarn and find just the right stuff for spring socks for Maggie:

Lovin’ the colours. Doncha just wanna stick your finger in those?

Belly Portrait

There are several FO’s (knitted and sewn) waiting to be photo’d and posted, but meanwhile I can’t resist showing off the behemoth below my ribcage.

This is my favorite of the bunch of pictures we took:

I’ll return to our regularly scheduled craftiness next post.

Getting Ready…

Item complete: diaper bag.

To whit:

Diaper Bag OuterDiaper Bag Zip

A pocket on each end fits a water or baby bottle.
Diaper Bag End Pocket

There’s one biggish pocket and four smaller ones around the main interior space. Inside in this pic are: 2 prefold diapers, one diaper cover, a couple of washcloths, a changing pad cover, a drying cloth, and a burp cloth, with lots of space left for a bottle of wipe formula, lotion and some small toys.
Diaper Bag Inside

Outside there’s a zippered pocket for mama’s stuff, and I even made a little pouch to go with it.
Diaper Bag Pouch

I’m going to make a couple of wet bags for, well, wet stuff, as well as a travel change mat for all those uncertain public surfaces. There’s a layer of PU coated nylon between the outer and inner fabrics to help keep messes from getting out of control. It hangs off the handles of the stroller nicely and goes easily in the cargo area as well. Of course I won’t know for sure whether it’s really well-designed until I’ve used it a bit, but I think it’ll do at least for a while.

I’ve got so much sewing to do! Thankfully I’ve got nearly all my supplies and should have plenty of time over the next month to devote to getting it all made. I’m not sure I’ll ever feel really ready…