Monthly Archives: December 2009

Still alive… and baking!

The last month has been, well, busy I suppose. At least in relation to my energy levels.

But now it’s time to move on, and that means pies!

Yes, for Christmas dinner at J&D’s it was requested that I bring my “fabulous pie”. That’s a quote. A-hem. Yup.

So in an attempt to out-do the pumpkin pies from Thanksgiving last year (which seem to have earned their “fabulous” description by the simple virtue of having not been bought at the grocery store), I have executed not one, not two, but THREE complete pies.

All in one morning. (Well, they overflowed a little into the afternoon, but could have been done in a morning if I’d had all the ingredients present and gotten up just a smidge earlier.)

Each recipe at least slightly divergent from the original, ranging to a combining of three different recipes into one.
It seems that I am, after all, pretty much incapable of just going ahead and doing something in a tried and proven way, but must instead somehow modify things to make them mine. Mine I say, all mine!

But I digress.

To start with, there’s the sweet potato pie, which gained a gingersnap cookie crumb crust and a wicked spice mix, and appears thusly:
Mmm, sweeeet potato
I know, it looks as much like a mid-brown splodge as anything, but I think that the flavours will just be that much more impressive for the bland appearance. Oh, and of course I’ll blob some whipped cream around the edges, and as we all know, everything looks better with whipped cream.

Then there’s this lovely maple date pecan:
She bubbled a little frighteningly during baking (I think mostly as a result of my having left rather large blobs of butter in the crust) and left quite the smoke-inducing mess on the bottom of the oven (again, my fault, this time for not putting a baking sheet underneath) but isn’t she gorgeous? Hopefully the gustatory experience will not disappoint.

And finally, ye olde standbye… apple:
Apple, with zing!
Of course, I couldn’t leave it normal and had to add some dried cherries, and then cook it up in the ol’ spring-form pan to make it nice and deep, but really it’s a pretty straightforward apple pie. And it’s got holly leaves and berries on top, so that makes it special, right?

Of course I won’t actually know if any of them are any good for about another 27 hours or so, but by that point everyone will be so full of turkey and stuffing and J’s awesome mashed potatoes that I’ll be lucky if they can cram in the pie at all.

Now I’m off to make the Christmas Eve Tourtière. I’m thinking to make one proper pie (though it’ll have to reside in the foil pie plate as the real ones are all occupied) and a bunch of little ones in ramekins. I did that once before and there is just nothing like grabbing a little personal tourtière out of the freezer for lunch a week or two after the effort of making them.

Mmm, tourtière. Thank you, Québec.