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Weaving a complex web of warps and wefts…

In case anyone was wondering whether it’s better to work at home, I present to you today’s Wondermark. And I have two cats (read the comic for this to appear relevant).

The next scarf:A tisket a tasket... I like this one, I think the colours are nice, and though they’re not distributing randomly as I expected them to, I like the pattern they’re making. And boy, is that stitch pattern easy. Like stocking stitch only not mind-numbingly boring. Good TV knitting.

Soylent Green is Wooly

Yes, it is done. Who’d’a’ thunk there’d be so much fuss over a simple chevron stitch scarf. Just shows how much extra work I can turn a project into when I really put my mind to it! GreenZScarf

There’s another WIP on the needles already, but it’s only got three rows so you don’t get a picture yet. Ha! So there. I will not be rushed! Of course that one requires following a pattern so I’ll be starting another simple scarf tonight to work on while watching a couple of Sopranos episodes.

We’re going to be away from home for a significant part of the holidays this year, so decided not to get a yule tree and just enjoy everyone else’s. This is a little tricky for me since the tree is by far my favourite part of the whole deal (I mean. other than the visiting and the eating and such). The smell, the woodsiness (yes, I know the city ones come from a row in a lot with very little woodsiness to it, but it still feels like through the wardrobe to me), the general pagan atmosphere it instills. I love opening up my box of decorations; so many of them were gifts from friends or family and make me think of the person who gave it to me; some are family heirlooms and make me feel connected to my past, something that’s rare for me given how my family is all scattered across North America and I don’t see a the extended (or even immediate) members very often. And of course some of them are just plain sparkly, which I like 🙂

But really, in these darkening days, when it seems that the sun has just given up and left us to our own devices, I think it’s the lights that are most important. So, I have lights.O Holy Yucca
Considering the yucca was grown from a cutting off a plant that my sister and I gave my mom for Mother’s Day when we were young, I guess it’s pretty good for making me feel connected.

WIP it!

Progress on the scarf (again): GreenZScarfWIP
[aside]Wow, that’s some ugly lighting… Sorry – next time I’ll remember to take pictures before the sun goes down AT 4:45PM!!! Unreal. And it’s only going to get worse for the next month, then oh-so-sloh-oh-oh-ooooowly better until we get back to reasonable sunset times. This morning I finished my yoga while it was still dark. Pathetic is what it is, just sad really. Sigh.[/aside]

Then there’s the In the Round WIP. Not a hat Can you guess what it is? No, it’s not a hat, though I suppose at this stage it could still become one if I change my mind…

Maybe tonight I’ll finish the scarf. One thing’s for sure; this sucker is the right width. I know this is for sure because I tried several other widths, and I’m not trying any more. Hopefully it will be the right length; there’s another 50g ball of the Fritidsgarn, so however long that makes it will be the right length.

Now I just have to figure out one more person, and it’ll all be set. Something soft and silky, I think, because she is not tolerating of the itchy & scratchy.

Ho Ho Ho (and a bottle of gin…)

Would you believe, I started knitting the first xmas present in August?
Three months later, we have this:
Fold marks and allI made the whole thing, but this is the prettiest part.
My first lace piece and, no, it didn’t actually take three months of knitting, but about two weeks of knitting (assuming about 1 hour/session) distributed unevenly throughout the three months. It ended up being much faster than I thought; the Misti Baby Alpaca was lovely and soft to work with, and the Elann Yarns pattern was very easy to get the hang of. I neglected to count stitches for long enough that when I resumed I realised I only had four rows (plus edging) left. Now that’s a good feeling. (Mind you, I did shorten it by one repeat because I was just itching to get something else on the needles, but that’s an executive decision, not cheating. Really.)
In September I found this pattern on… oh shoot, what was it now, Get Crafty? Well, somewhere anyways, but it’s Peony Knits‘ pattern/formula and ohmygod was it fast and easy. So I knit this in two evenings:ShrugNeutral.JPG in Araucania nature wool (love the colourwash effect), and it was so fast and easy that I cast this on (in Noro Kureyon with a bit of Patons SWS to extend it) the next day and it was done the day after. ShrugHot.JPG Lovin’ the big needles and top-down raglan construction.
I made the finglerless mitts (WendyKnits), and later the scarf (no recipe, can’t you tell? just 2×2 rib and randomish striping) to go with them, and can I just say; the Manos del Uruguay Wool Classico is so beautiful I just wanted to sit looking at the gorgeous colours and rubbing my face in it the way my cat does with catnip. But I digress…Oh, the coziness.
Then there was the hat marathon. Thorpe by Jared (Brooklyntweed) in Debbie Bliss Donegal Chunky Tweed, and Mod Cables by Jeanne (Life in Cleveland) in oh-so-warm Cascade Pastaza (llama/wool – a yarn for cold climes). Yummy.
It keeps the earses warm, it does.So warm, the llama.
Altogether now:
Finished Objects - all in a heap
In the intervals, I knit some socks for the Other Half (henceforth known as OH), some fingerless mitts for myself (I decided I’d have to stop wearing the Manos ones if they were to go to their intended recipient, and our home gets chilly for sitting knitting), and fingerless mitts for a friend. I’ve got one WIP, and another that has gone back and forth between yarn/WIP/frogged/ several times, but I think I’ve finally grasped just how many stitches wide this scarf should be. Sheesh. Three other little things after these and I’ll be done my xmas knitting. DONE I SAY!
Then I can start my sweater. Heh heh heh. Yeah.


It will look like this.
Snow on my porch!
But I have these to keep me warm.
Sock yarn in lovely warm colours.A nice steamy mug of alpaca.
So I think it’s going to be OK.