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I see you there…

i tink i cot a wabbit

Junk walk

Even living next to a junk yard has benefits.





Mutant Clover

Ah the country life.

First it was rain, making puddles in the future garden, motivating me to stay inside and unpack after the move.

Then it cleared up and just as I was getting caught up on the laundry (it turns out I really enjoy hanging laundry outside – it’s all peaceful and zen and sh*t), the black flies arrived.
Oh the black flies, the little black flies

Thankfully they don’t last long here, but just as they moved onto their next stage of existence, the rain. The rain came back. And so here we are with the puddles and the grey and the going stir crazy indoors waiting to get out and get the garden established.

So to the clover. We’ve got clover in the “lawn” (hah!), and if there’s one thing this kind of weather does it’s make me look at the little things. So today I bring you clover. Well, just the odd clover. We all know what regular clover looks like, right? Green, three leaves, sometimes with patterns, sometimes plain. Google it if you’re not sure.
Instead I present to you the oddities:

Variegated clover

Nibbled Clover

Albino Clover

Undecided Clover

I know, the Nibbled Clover isn’t really different clover, but I do find it entertaining that all the leaves on one plant will be nibbled around the edges while the one next door is left entirely unmolested.

And in case you were wondering, yes, it is difficult to get good sharp photos in mediocre light with a kicking, 20-something-pound toddler strapped to one’s back.


A couple of quick studies of a chrysanthemum I filched from the huge plant poking through someone’s fence.

Just cause it’s pretty.


Yesterday, after the ultrasound, between hot lemonade at Jet Fuel and Departures at the Carlton cinema (great movie, BTW; a bit of a tear-jerker, but in a genuine rather than manipulative Hollywood way, and quite moving and charming), I stopped in at Allan Gardens Conservatory to kill a few minutes and enjoy the plant life. I hadn’t been there but once, and that about 15 years ago, and was quite pleasantly surprised by the experience.

It’s in a kind of crappy spot, in the middle of what was a century ago a lovely park in a classy neighbourhood, now frequented by individuals unfettered by the chains of middle class lifestyle conventions. Although it’s got a nice off-leash doggie run too. But the conservatory itself is great, and even though absolutely free and open to the public had only a few people wandering around or sitting chatting, none of them apparently of the above genre.

Here are some of the things I saw (oh, and go easy on the shoddy photography – it was a spontaneous visit with only the cell phone camera so little accounting for things like focus and exposure).

First, there’s an entire wing filled with all kinds of chrysanthemums, and others scattered in other spots too. I don’t care what people say about mums (the basic ones are certainly ubiquitous on porches around here come October); I love them. And they do come in all sorts of lovely forms:
Pink Mums with Digit
Spider Mums
Snowball Mum

Then there’s the tropical/jungly wing (somewhat cool for the tropics, but pleasant when it’s only 7ยบ C outside). Mmmm… swampy:

I missed getting pictures of the orchids in the epiphyte house, since they were in their own little glass-partitioned room. Don’t want people stealing them, maybe?
Speaking of stealing, I scavenged a couple of fallen leaves from some nifty jade plants in the succulent house, where I also so these beauties:
This agave: Agave
These round cacti which sport a nice combination of fuzzy and spiky:Fuzzy/Spikey
This wobbly cactus with curious floral (ahem) appendage: appendage cactus
And this is a particularly crappy picture, but I had to share it nonetheless because I was completely charmed by the cactus with polka dots (!!):Blurry Polka Dot Cactus
I mean really, it’s covered in little round dots of tiny bristles. Like Roy Lichtenstein in the desert.

I’ll definitely try to go back whenever I’m in the area (which of course is practically never) and have a half hour or so free (which is shamefully frequently).

Oh, and since I know you’re wondering; no, we didn’t get a printout from the ultrasound. I mean, they all look the same at this point anyways and I’d rather wait until it’s all pink and touchable to take a gazillion pictures.

A portent?

Speaking of neglected things, I found these remnants from someone’s magnetic poetry set (the Elizabethan version, I’m thinking) on my brisk constitutional walk this morning (displayed in the order in which I found them):

So I’m thinking, this just seems a little too relevant. Just a tad convenient.
I mean, if not for “bag”, it would just be a couple of my favourite words, with “pedant” thrown in for good measure.
But really, what could this be but a personal message from the deities of something-or-other to a bag-maker?

(Although it’s more likely for the OH than for me, as he’s been slaving over the hot Juki to get the new backpacks ready in time to be taken to Japan by their happy new tester/owners. They’re very nice, but the words “pernicious” and “irksome” are definitely appropriate.)

Just what the message is supposed to be, I don’t know. Perhaps simply an acknowledgement, a shout-out to all the hard work. A big ol’ “YO” from the universe.

Anyway, it’s on the fridge now, where it’ll soon become unseen just like all the other things that are seen too often.

Neglected, things that have been.

Like this Lego (?) remnant
and this vent-screen
or just plain run over, like this spike
Bent Spike

These are things I have seen recently.

Matriarch & Roosters

Last weekend I went with my mom & sis to visit my grandmother in upper NY state, in a proper little Adirondack town, and we stayed in a proper little Adirondack motel, complete with folksy furniture:
Rooster Drawers
I swear I wanted to take that dresser home. I’m pretty sure it’s the rooster.
Somehow roosters have found their way into my life via the very people on that trip: my grandparents’ dishes were this awesome Metlox Poppytrail Rooster set;
grandma Ruth's dishes
my mom gave me this stately wooden rooster a few years ago (with articulated legs, natch, he sits on my TV);
and my sister gave me this lovely little rooster painting (it guards the vanilla raw sugar in the kitchen) for Christmas last year:
I see you

And here we all are out on a little tour through the neighbourhood, sans roosters.
The ladies

Mark it down

Today was the day.

Today I discovered that I now only own one pair of shorts that actually fit comfortably. The ones with stretch, and a low waist. I guess it’s beginning.

And for everyone else, a picture of some blue street art. Just because.
Some blue

Or for those who prefer insects (I know you’re there), some sort of ant gathering.

The things you see…

Today, a few random things.
This lovely shot of the calendula at the community garden plot, taken by the OH:
Calendula a la Leni
It reminds me of Leni Riefenstahl’s photos of German Olympic athletes…

A ladybug, so cute, how could I not include it? I mean, really, it’s a ladybug.
Fly away home

And this, I don’t even know how to express the retro-nerd hipsterness going on here.