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So many pirates these days.

Observe, Wait, Listen


All will be clarified, revealed, resolved.



So much support in one arena, so little in the other…

I see you there…

i tink i cot a wabbit

You coming?

In the 'hood.
M & A

They’ll be starting their own gang any day now.

Junk walk

Even living next to a junk yard has benefits.





It must be August

Because the beans, man, they are producing like it’s the end of days. And I, well I just don’t quite know how I’m going to keep up…

Just now, while the munchkin is napping, I thought “I should probably go pick a few beans” because I haven’t picked the bush beans since the day before yesterday, and at that time I started to notice a few wee ones on the Purple Rattlesnake pole beans. It took about five minutes to fill a 4L basket. I glanced at the lone broccoli plant and saw the green bunches leaning towards blooms so snipped off the little florets for tonight’s dinner. And of course a few Swiss Chard leaves from the thriving 8′ row for my lunch. The cukes I’ve been keeping up with and seem to be between blasts anyways, so I just got the one little mutant that was loitering on the bush, but I did spot 4 or 5 more that are at least double the size they were yesterday and will surely need to be culled tomorrow. The four golden cherry tomatoes didn’t make it back to the house for the photo op. Not sure why. I know I picked them, nestled them in my palm… oh yeah, because they are like CANDY. Mmmm, sweet sweet vegetable (I know, fruit, but it’s not as impressive sounding) candy.

Broccoli and Swiss Chard and Beans, Oh My!

Now the fun part comes; processing the beans. Fortunately freezing beans is pretty quick and easy, the most time-consuming part is trimming them. It’s just that between having to test a website migration, do laundry, research chicken-keeping and, oh yeah, care for a toddler, my free moments are few and fleeting.

But when I think of January, with snow feet deep all around and the days supposedly getting longer but it’s hard to tell, when I’ll be going bonkers because it takes 10 minutes to put on enough clothes to take out the compost, I know I’ll be so glad I scurried now so that I can open the freezer, dump a bag into a steamer and taste the sunshine of August again.

Burning Question.

Husband takes toddler on a run to the store, giving me a 45 minute “break”.

Multiple choice question:
Do I
a) sit back with a glass of wine and that clever book I’ve been wanting to read
b) take a nice relaxing bath
c) call a friend I haven’t seen or talked to for too long for an interruption-free chat
d) plant a shrub, clean the bathroom sink, and write a blog post.

I don’t think I have to tell you the answer to that one…

The Shrubbery pt. 1: Burning Bush.

But man, I do love me some shiny porcelain.

Mutant Clover

Ah the country life.

First it was rain, making puddles in the future garden, motivating me to stay inside and unpack after the move.

Then it cleared up and just as I was getting caught up on the laundry (it turns out I really enjoy hanging laundry outside – it’s all peaceful and zen and sh*t), the black flies arrived.
Oh the black flies, the little black flies

Thankfully they don’t last long here, but just as they moved onto their next stage of existence, the rain. The rain came back. And so here we are with the puddles and the grey and the going stir crazy indoors waiting to get out and get the garden established.

So to the clover. We’ve got clover in the “lawn” (hah!), and if there’s one thing this kind of weather does it’s make me look at the little things. So today I bring you clover. Well, just the odd clover. We all know what regular clover looks like, right? Green, three leaves, sometimes with patterns, sometimes plain. Google it if you’re not sure.
Instead I present to you the oddities:

Variegated clover

Nibbled Clover

Albino Clover

Undecided Clover

I know, the Nibbled Clover isn’t really different clover, but I do find it entertaining that all the leaves on one plant will be nibbled around the edges while the one next door is left entirely unmolested.

And in case you were wondering, yes, it is difficult to get good sharp photos in mediocre light with a kicking, 20-something-pound toddler strapped to one’s back.


This is it, the Baby Surprise Jacket.

The real surprise, to me at least, was that I actually managed to complete this in a reasonable amount of time, and it still fits him a month and a half later!

The pattern is great fun: just enough variety to keep one awake while knitting, but with simple enough technique that even a relative beginner could do it with a little bravery and concentration. And of course the surprise bit, knitting up this wobbly warped thing that turns into a jacket with two easy seams. The only modification I made was the addition of a very simple straight collar, just enough to keep drafts off the munchkin’s chubby little neck.

For me, the number of seams in a garment is inversely proportional to my delight in knitting it, so the only thing that could have made me happier with it would have been making it with one yarn so as to avoid all the ends to weave in. Of course the upside of that is the satisfaction of using up all those great little skeinlets of yummy yarns.

The jacket itself is genius: the full arms are easy to pull on over long sleeve shirts and short enough that they stay out of the way of busy, grabby little hands. I only got four buttons sewn on on of the six I made holes for, but it seems like it would be fine with any button arrangement one chose to use.

I love this jacket and am sure I’ll have to make another in the toddler size for next winter.

Coming soon: more finished objects, and this year’s Chinese New Year prints!