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Follow, lead, follow through. 

How it is

Enjoy the moment, it passes so quickly. 


Grow, open, fade, drop. 

Observe, Wait, Listen


All will be clarified, revealed, resolved.



So much support in one arena, so little in the other…

Life geometry

Looking for an angle.

Maybe that’s the point. 

I see you there…

i tink i cot a wabbit

You coming?

In the 'hood.
M & A

They’ll be starting their own gang any day now.

Gold Medal Jam

Today I took the rather reckless step of attempting to make jam while caring for a toddler and an infant. Naturally the crucial, timing-required steps occurred right around the start of that very tenuous event known as the baby’s nap time. Thankfully the hubster not only works 100 feet away, but is also a very good sport and quite understanding of my current difficulty in putting together a cohesive thought, let alone a good plan.

In truth, what with the pregnancy and ensuing baby I didn’t really contribute much to the making of this jam.

I selected and purchased the seeds for the Gold Medal tomatoes at our local Seedy Sunday this spring.
My mother sowed them and supplied me with the small plants.
I planted them in soil tilled by my step-father, and prepared by the hubby, who also did the majority of the weeding all summer, as well as the watering.
My mother picked the ripe tomatoes.
I did have the idea to make the jam, found a recipe and assembled all the required ingredients and supplies.
I cut up the tomatoes and plopped them in the pot over heat with the sugar and lemon juice, but after that the whole mess got turned over to the man, who finished cooking the jam, jarred and processed it.

But I’m still going to say I made it…

Isn’t it pretty?


So I‘m making have made another quilt!

After lurking around Cluck Cluck Sew for a few months, ogling pretty quilts, I landed on the Raw Edge Circle Quilt Tutorial and thought Im going to make that for the Munchkin.

Two things attracted me to this quilt; first the colours, which those who know me will recognize as some of my favourites, and second that it looked non-fiddly enough that I might actually get it done before he leaves home.

I spent some time perusing my favourite online fabric stores, bought much more than I’d need for this quilt (gotta build the stash somehow…) and got started.

I won’t bore you with every single step, just know that it involved doing this about 35 times.

(I say “about” 35 times because I did a few extra, just in case.)

After quartering all those squares I ended up with this

which I then had to arrange into a quilt-like composition, like so;

all the while attempting a reasonable distribution of different colours and tones and pattern types.

The day I did the layout, I didn’t quite finish before the wee beastie awoke from his nap, upon which I blame the fact that there are a few places with matching fabrics touching each other. Oops. I didn’t even notice until I had the front all sewn together (another logistical joy, keeping all those pieces in order), and I sure as hell wasn’t going to redo it then. He’ll just have to live with it. Hopefully it won’t shatter him to discover at an early age that mommy isn’t perfect.

I wanted this to be a cosy warm quilt, not just a pretty throw, so I went with Thinsulate for the batting, and tufting instead of real quilting to keep it nice and lofty. (I used leftover variegated green sock yarn that a certain someone should recognize.) I never think far enough ahead to plan the binding, but luckily I had some green fabric that I think works well, helping balance out the warmth of all the oranges and browns.

For the backing (also not planned ahead of time) I picked out some fun flannels at the local fabric & craft store, and ended up with this:

I love it, but the little boy hasn’t exactly warmed up to it yet. This may have to do with the fact that he is quite opposed to the use of blankets in general, and for himself in particular. But I don’t mind. I figure we’ll just keep it around so it insinuates into his subconscious, and by the time he leaves home he won’t be able to imagine not having it.

See, I do plan ahead after all.